Upon returning from Turkey, Partizan squad continues training at Zemunelo camp. Unfortunately, midfielder Danilo Pantic is not among them, as he is struggling with Achilles for a month now, just like his teammate Djordje Ivanovic.

Pantic is under therapy at medical department of club`s sports centre while in the afternoon he visits Crowne Plaza Hotel`s gym and swimming pool:

-I`m here at Saruna Wellness in Crowne Plaza exercising in swimming pool and gym for two hours a day, one hour is reserved for swimming pool and exercise that doesn`t put pressure on my Achilles as it`s important for me not to have any contact with surface. This exercise will make my tendons stronger and make me recover as soon as possible. I hope I`ll be able to train and be ready to play soon, says Pantic.

Achilles injury recovery takes two to six weeks.

-Yes, I`m out for account for a month now. I`m using ice in great amounts, that`s so important. There`s not enough blood in tendon and it`s hard to get there. We irritate it by walking during the day. It`s rather rare and uncomfortable injury.

How much did it affect you not being able to work with the team during winter preps?

-I found it hard although I was in Turkey with the boys for two weeks. But, there`s no point regretting over something you cannot change back. I have to be positive and to hope I`ll join my teammates on the pitch soon. These things happen and we are kind of ready for it. It`s good I didn`t pick up more serious injury, this is sort of ok, its gonna get healed.

Partizan is away to Backa to start with and Eternal derby game is coming soon after.

-It`s important for us to restart the season in a good fashion, to win. We will play one defensive side and I hope we`ll win all the games prior to the derby. Then we have to give hundred percent and win the derby game as well.

Defensive side means parked bus?

-Well, that`s what we do too when we lock horns with really strong opponent. That`s not wrong if you can benefit from it. It`s on us to smash that bus and score.

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