Match protocol

Conference League group stage, round 3

Belgrade, October 21

Venue: Partizan Stadium

Att: 9943

Kick-off time: 9pm CET

Referee: Bobby Madden (SCO)

Yellow cards: Markovic (PAR) – Odjidja-Ofoe (GNK)

Red cards: Stanojevic (PAR)



Popovic, Zivkovic, Vujacic, Sanicanin, Obradovic (`64 Urosevic), Zdjelar, Scekic (`75 Lutovac), Natcho (`64 Jojic), Markovic (`58 Holender), Menig (`64 Pantic), Ricardo


Bolat, Hanche-Olsen, Ngadeu-Ngadju, Okumu, Fortuna (`90+3 Godeau), Owusu (`90+3 Adewale), Kums (`76 De Sart), Samoise, Odjidja-Ofoe (`76 Bezus), Chakvetadze (`80 Mboyo), Depoitre


`2: Cross from Fortuna blocked by Zivkovic. Gent wins corner-kick

`3: Shot from Fortuna well wide

`4: Natcho`s shooting attempt blocked

`5:   booked for diving in Partizan box

`10: Ricardo lost his balance and failed to take a shot from promising position

`19: Depoitre shots over the bar

`20: Fine move from Ricardo but the ball goes wide

`25: Keeper Bolat claims the ball before Markovic could get to it

`28: Build-up from Gent stopped by block from Sanicanin for keeper Popovic to claim the ball

`41: Two consecutive crosses from visitors, Sanicanin clears them both

`44: Cross from Zivkovic, Menig failed to get the most of it

`45: One minute added time

`45+1: Half-time whistle


`47: Ricardo unable to get to the end of Natcho`s pass

`50: Partizan lost midfield possession followed by a shot from Chakvetadze well wide

`53: Great play and cross from Menig, poor execution attempt from Natcho

`58: Holender in for Markovic

`59: 0-1, GENT! Static Partizan defence allowed all the time in the world for Gent player to send a right side cross and Kums to head the ball into the net from close range

`61: Free-kick shot from Odjidja-Ofoe, Popovic palms the ball over the bar

`62: Fortuna in a great opportunity after the cross onto the far post, great save from Popovic

`64: Urosevic, Pantic and Jojic in for Obradovic, Menig and Natcho

`65: Shooting attempt from Pantic on the rebound, Partizan wins corner-kick

`66: From the resulting corner-kick, Scekic heads the ball over the bar

`75: Popovic makes another great save, comes out and blocks Depoitre`s one-on-one charge

`76: Lutovac in for Scekic

`77: Bezus in for Odjidja-Ofoe

`77: De Sart in for Kums

`80: Mboyo in for Chakvetadze

`87: CROSSBAR!! Long range blast from Vujacic, keeper gets a decisive touch and the ball goes out off the crossbar and out for a Partizan corner-kick

`90+1: Gent`s keeper saves Vujacic`s far post header

`90: Five mins added time

`90+3: Adewale in for Owusu

`90+3: Godeau in for Fortuna

`90+6: Final whistle

`90+7: Markovic booked after the game

`90+7: Boss Stanojevic sent-off after the game