Match protocol

UEFA Conference League group stage, round 4 game

Ghent, November 4

Venue: Ghelamco Arena

Kick-off time: 6.45pm CET

Referee: Chris Cavanagh (England)

Yellow cards: None

GOALS: 0-1 `66 Urosevic. 1-1 `80 Tissoudali



Bolat, Hanche-Olsen, Ngadeu-Ngadjui, Okumu, Fortuna, Castro-Montes (`90 Samoise), Owusu (`71 De Sart), Kums, Bezus (`71 Tissoudali), Odjidja-Ofoe (`71 Chakvetadze), Depoitre


Popovic, Miletic, Vujacic, Sanicanin, MIljkovic, Urosevic (`87 Obradovic), Jojic, Natcho (`76 Smiljanic), Pantic (`90+1 Jovic), Menig (`87 Lutovac), Ricardo


`4: 20m shot from Kums, fine diving save from Popovic, Gent wins corner-kick

`6: Vujacic clears the danger ahead of charging Depoitre

`8: Menig lost attacking possession, Gent wins a throw

`15: GOAL DISSALLOWED!! Castro-Montes scores from close range but he was ruled offside

`16: Angled shot from Menig, save from Bolat

`20: Menig steals possession and plays it for Ricardo who was surrounded by three opposing players and lost possession as a result

`21: Ricardo lays it out for Pantic followed by low angled shot and save from Bolat

`25: Long ball forward from Natcho, Menig unable to connect

`27: Ricardo fouled just outside the box

`28: WOODWORK!! Natcho hits the post with his free-kick shot

`31: Bezus heads it wide after a cross onto the far post

`33: Odjidja-Ofoe tests Popovic who makes another fine diving save

`36: Great build-up from Odjidja-Ofoe followed by a shot from Owusu wide

`39: Depoitre heads the ball over the bar

`43: Vujacic prevents Gent`s counter-attack

`45: Half-time whistle


`50: Long range shot from Bezus wide

`51: Long ball forward from Pantic for Ricardo, handball from Partizan forward follows

`52: Ricardo tries to dribble his way into the box and gets fouled

`52: Set-piece cross from Jojic, no Partizan player to get on the end of it

`55: Clear-cut opportunity for unmarked Jojic whose heart of the box poor shot got blocked followed by another shot Jojic on the rebound over the bar

`65: Ricardo breaks on the left and sends the ball into the heart of the box for Menig who failed to get a decent touch marked by two defenders

`66: 0-1, PARTIZAN!! Urosevic enters the box and switches the ball to his right-foot followed by brilliant strike into the top far corner of the net

`69: Great opportunity for Ricardo but he was ruled offside in the process

`71: Chakvetadze in for Odjidja-Ofoe

`71: De Sart in for Owusu

`71: Tissoudali in for Bezus

`72: Popovic saves the shot from sub Tissoudali

`76: Smiljanic in for Natcho

`80: 1-1, GENT! Inviting right side cross and close range strike into the net from ghosting Tissoudali

`83: Tissoudali on rampage now, brilliant foot-save from Popovic prevents Morrocan international from scoring his second of the game

`85: Left-footed drive from Urosevic well over the bar

`87: Lutovac and Obradovic in for Menig and Urosevic

`88: Samoise in for Castro-Montes

`90: Three mins added time

`90+1: Jovic in for Pantic

`90+4: Final whistle

Partizan assistant coach Branko Vukasinovic after the game:

-We played demanding game against one strong opponent who had pace, tactical and technical quality on the day. The game was unfolding as we expected and we scored the goal the way we wanted – when we found a bit of space after a quick attack, only that we didn`t expect Urosevic to finish the way he did, a great goal. Sadly, we failed to keep our lead but we cannot be unhappy about this, this is a step forward for all of us.

This is the first time we played 3-5-2 formation and we were aware of all pluses and minuses this formation brings in regard to our opponents. We had very short time to practice it with the players we were able to field. We knew Gent will dominate possession and we were ready for them to create opportunities – they are one of the top teams regarding chances created in the Belgian league. But, we were ready to battle their good sides of the game – one-on-one play, flank balls and transition play…On the other hand, we waited for our opportunities and Natcho hit the post, Jojic had a clear-cut opportunity, Menig was there too. But, it was all expected.

As we won quality opponents in Conference League qualifiers, it`s expected from us to go through to the next round. We did won Flora and Anorthosis and we picked up a point tonight. If we qualify for the last 32 of the competition, we will play even more demanding game compared to this one today. We live and work for it, we want to lock horns with a team from, let`s say, top five European leagues.



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