Three players from current roster made over 200 appearances for Partizan – Vladimir Stojkovic, Milan Smiljanic and Miroslav Vulicevic.

They looked back at their respective milestones and early Partizan days.

Vladimir Stojkovic (216 apps)

-I played my first Partizan game three days upon signing, home to Hajduk Kula, the one Cleo scored that famous bicycle-kick goal. I`ll remember that game forever as the atmosphere was kind of strange. There was lot of tension and expectations, everyone wanted to see how I`m gonna handle it. My emotions were mixed, I had fears and adrenaline rushes at the same time. But, I was pleased as we won and Cleo scored a fantastic goal. It looked like Partizan fans were going to take me on.

Your 100th and 200th Partizan appearance?

-They were games just like any other. But, there`s one game that stood out besides all those lovely matches, league ones under coach Stanojevic, lots of derby wins, games under coaches Djukic and Mirkovic…It was Tromso game when Vermezovic coached Partizan and we qualified for Europa League when Ivanov scored after the set-piece on 75. I had a shirt underneath my jersey, in memory of my mother who passed away when we played away EL qualifier in Malta previously. That win was for my mother and everyone could see it.


Miroslav Vulicevic (211 apps)

-I arrived to Partizan in December 2013 when Partizan was coached by Marko Nikolic. After several friendlies played in Turkey preps camp, the ones i`ll also never forget, I played first official Partizan league game. I remember we played Radnicki Kragujevac at home and I wanted to present myself in a best fashion in front of Partizan fans, to show them Partizan was right to sign me. We won the game and I felt like great burden was off my back afterwards.

Your 100th and 200th Partizan appearance?

-I actually played my 100th Partizan game against Javor Ivanjica, club I played for previously and spent some important football days there. Honestly, I don`t remember my 200th appearance but to play so many games for Partizan makes me so happy and proud. So many kids dream of playing at least one game here and I managed over 200 apps. It`s hard to pick one single favourite game but one game that stood out must be my first Eternal derby. You hear so much about that game and all of a sudden you are part of it. It wagreat derby debut for me, home game and boiling hot atmosphere, they missed two penalty-kicks and I assisted on 90 for our winning goal! Two more games stood out, both very important European encounters for Partizan – Young Boys that saw us qualify for Europa League last 32 stage and EL qualifier against Steaua home when I scored my first Partizan goal.

Milan Smiljanic (230 apps)

-For me, each game played for Partizan is a kind of jubilee but surely it was the first one that truly mattered – I was 17 when I made my official Partizan debut, home to Sutjeska. I don`t count how many games I played for Partizan as every day spend here is part of me, all this energy, atmosphere and all these friends here. Hundred or two hundred games after, they are all equally important and I love them all more than any games I played abroad. If I have to pick one, it would be Anderlecht in Brussels when we qualified for Champions League for the second time and each Eternal derby game of course. Derby games always have that special spark and energy since the day one.

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