CL round 3 qualifier return leg

Athens, 02.08.2017.

Venue: Karaiskakis stadium

Att: 25000

Vreme početka: 20:45h CET

Referee: Fernandez Xavier Estrada (Spain)

Yellow cards: Odjidja, Retsos (OLY) – Jevtovic, Kosovic, Jankovic, Tawamba (PAR)

GOALS: 1-0` 22 Carcela, 1-1 `33 Soumah, 2-1 `51 Fortounis, 2-2 `84 Djurdjevic

Game stats:

Olympiacos                                                        Partizan

53% Ball possession 47%
10 Goal attempts 16
4 Shots on target 7
2 Shots off target 3
4 Blocked shots 6
22 Free-kicks 20
2 Corner-kicks 7
4 Offsides 4
28 Throws 26
5       Saves 2
13 Fouls 18
2 Yellow cards 4



OLYMPIACOS: Kapino, Romano, Fortounis (`70 Seba), Odjidja, Marin (`87 Siopis), Kourtis, Vukovic (`72 Zdjelar), Ben, Carcela, Retsos, Figueiras

PARTIZAN: Kljajic, Tawamba (`85 Ilic), Vulicevic, Cirkovic, Jankovic, Soumah (`64 Pantic), Jevtovic (`79 Kosovic), Ostojic, Everton, Miletic, Djurdjevic


Game highlights:

`2: Early threat from Partizan – Jevtovic heads it wide

`14: Partizan counter-attack, Soumah dribbles and wins a corner-kick

`14: Great outside foot cross from Jankovic, far post angled header from Djurdjevic and excellent palm save from Kapino

`21: Jevtovic cautioned

`22: 1-0, Olympiacos! Angled set-piece from Kapino ball slips through Kljajic`s hands for Olympiacos lead

`30: Jankovic`s corner-kick, near post charge from Jevtovic, ball cleared for another corner-kick

`33: 1-1, Partizan!! Long range attempt from jankovic, poor save from Kapino, Soumah scores on rebound

`34: Tawamba breaks on the left, Jankovic chests the ball down for Djurdjevic followed by a shot just wide

`39: Good move from Miletic and pass for Tawamba followed by edge of the box shot and keeper`s save

`41: Soumah for unmarked Tawamba who was just a wee bit offside

`43: Long range attempt from Djurdjevic saved by the keeper

`44: 20m shot from Carcela over the bar

`45: Jankovic cautioned

`45: One min stoppage time

`45+1: Half-time whistle

Second half highlights:

`48: Everton breaks forward and passes it for Djurdjevic who couldn`t beat two defenders

`50: Odjidja cautioned

`51: Set-piece from Jankovic, poor left-footed attempt from Ostojic and comfortable save from Kapino

`51: 2-1, Olympiacos! Left side cross and close range near post powerful header into the far corner from Fortounis

`58: Close range header and brilliant save from Kljajic

`61: 17m angled shot from Jankovic saved by the keeper

`64: Two shots from Jankovic inside the box blocked

`64: Pantic in for Soumah

`66: 18m shot from Carcela saved by Kljajic

`68: Tawamba cautioned

`70: Seba in for Fortounis

`72; Zdjelar in for Vukovic

`73: 20m shot from Djurdjevic wide

`79: Kosovic in for Jevtovic

`84: 2-2, Partizan!! Right side break from Jankovic followed by return ball into the box and 12m strike from Djurdjevic into the left corner of the net

`85: Ilic in for Tawamba

`86: Poor return pass for Olympiacos keeper, Jankovic blasts the ball over the bar

`87: Siopis in for Marin

`90: Pantic`s edge of the box drive over the bar

`90: Four mins stoppage time

`90+2: Retsos cautioned

`90+4: Kosovic cautioned

`90+4: Final whistle

MIroslav Djukic after the game:

– I`m really pleased with my team`s performance. We attacked from the go and could have won it. We never surrendered. Of course, first leg result was crucial. Over the two legs, Olympiacos won it due to experience, they are CL regulars after all.

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