Black-and-White Babies, Partizan Youth School is the right place for boys and girls born between year 2010 and 2018, for those who want to make their first football steps and follow the path of their footie icons. Our young ones train at Partizan Stadium and Partizan Sports Centre on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the evening hours and according to their respective age group.

Youngsters work with their coaches on basic details, technical elements, speed, coordination and all the way to more complex technical bits but it all about falling in love with the football game that early. Football must be presented as fun, not as another commitment. Once upon a time, it was on the streets where youngest ones would fall in love with the game but such privilege is long gone.

“Kids are not outdoors as they used to be. They don`t have all the freedom to go out and play, to pick the sport and fall in love with it. We are trying to do that here, to present them with football game as a play”, said Partizan Youth Coach Dusan Stepanovic.

“We love kids coming down for each and every training session. I`m pleased to see them smile after the exercise and ask when they next session is; they cannot wait to show up again. Bad weather conditions never prevent them from coming down, they don`t care if the snow covered training fields, they are over the moon to attend every single training session”, said Youth Coach Nikola Filipovic.

However, there are challenges and troubles surrounding tender age and football game.

“It`s so hard to prepare talented kids to move from early age groups to proper selections, to keep them attentive. It`s such a challenge not letting them burn down as they are so eager to move up the ladder. You need to keep their football desire intact”, said FK Partizan Youth School Coordinator Milos Minic.

Love for the game is a family thing as well. Partizan players Fejsa, Natcho or Ricardo signed their kids to Partizan youths, one of the best in Europe for years now. Natcho and Ricardo stated Partizan is their second home many times while Fejsa continues his family`s tradition.

“I was taught to love Partizan by my dad since the early days. I`m Partizan fans and I sent my son where he belongs straight away. I never forced him on Partizan, he`s still very young but he asked me if he can start football training and there we go. I think it`s every father`s dream for his son to become a football player, if he wants to play the game of course”, said Ljubomir Fejsa.

Partizan holding midfielder Fejsa would love to see his son follow his steps. He remembers his street football days, when love for the game was being built outdoors. Back then, greatest talent was developed on the streets where it was all about creativity and imagination. Fejsa says his son started his training at the age of six and believes it`s a privilege these days when lots of kids are so physically inactive.

“He has same hand movements as me, same way of running; he looks a lot like me. He keeps asking me things regarding football, what`s offside, what`s a throw, he wants to learn, to know everything about it. I didn`t train at his age, we played outside, I only started training around the age of eight or nine. My son has a privilege to start training quite early”, said Fejsa.

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