After tough opening 40 mins of TSC game and visitors one-nil lead, Partizan scored two late first half goals and one early after the break followed by fourth just after the hour to win it 4-1. Bibars Natcho scored the equalizer with a pinpoint free-kick strike.

“It was extremely tough game against very good team, especially after they took the lead and pressure we had from our fans. I`m glad we reacted in a right way, showed our character to return from one-nil down and win it”, said Natcho.

There`s just four more league games to be played until the end of the season. Do you still believe you can win the title?

“As long as it`s not over, we`ll still believe. I said it few times before, we know what Serbian football scene is like but we have to look at ourselves and do what we can until the end of the season. We`ll do our job and everything that`s up to us and we`ll see what happens”.

Your kids watch Partizan games on a regular basis. Are they happy when you score and what is their reaction when you come back home?

“It was a problem today as their school finishes at 3pm. I did wait a bit but I still scored too early (Iaughs). I`m sure my wife saw me scoring and the kids will jump and climb in joy once they arrive home from school. I hope there`ll be more goals, wins and reasons to celebrate”.

Your older son trains at Partizan Babes youth school.

“Yes, I take him to practice. I don`t know if he`ll be a football player but it`s important for him to engage in a sports activity, to learn to become part of the team, to listen to his coach, to work with other kids..That`s good for him”.

What`s the reaction of other kids when they see you next to the training pitch?

“It can be a bit of a problem. Some of them stop training, they look at me, but I understand it all – I was a kid and I had my icon too. I might give them a pleasure of doing a training session with them one day. It`s important to show them they can be like you, it`s important they believe”, said Bibars Natcho.

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