After earlier promotion of new signing Matheus Saldanha, FK Partizan presented another, ninth in total, summer signing, right-back Arandjel Stojkovic.

Stojkovic played for Partizan affiliated FK Teleoptik U-17`s and U-19`s of BSK Borca and upon graduation from BSK youths he played for number of Serbian clubs, including TSC, Vojvodina and Spartak.

28-year old signed a 3-year deal.

Arandjel Stojkovic upon signing:

-This opportunity to become a part of Partizan again is a great honour and pleasure for me. I received an invite from Igor Duljaj and I made a decision without much of a thought.

As a right-back, how would you describe yourself?

-I feel safer when the ball is in my feet. I prefer attacking play and I think I can contribute a lot in this department but I can help defensively as well. I believe I advanced a lot defensively over the past few years. With big support from the fans and with this new Partizan team, I think we can achieve really good and positive results, to enjoy in new wins and to be happy once the season is finished.

You already know a lot of Partizan players?

-I know quite a few of them, the boys are great. I look forward working with all of them but I would like to point out Sanicanin and Nikolic with whom I played before. I played with Sanicanin in Vojvodina and we were mates there, on and off the pitch. I played alongside Nikolic in Spartak and Vojvodina and we were roommates in both clubs, even shared a flat together at some point. Therefore, his presence means a lot to me. I believe he will help me blend in as soon as possible.

Your hopes for the upcoming season?

-My desire is Partizan to present itself as best as possible, to try to raise the bar as a team, to be on a higher level compared to last season, to be a team, to do a lot together and to join the title battle. I would also like to see us get as far as possible in a European competition, to enter the group stage, which is a must for a club like Partizan. After that, I hope for a bit of luck in a draw and for our good performances. In general, I hope we`ll have positive results this season.

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