After scoring Partizan opener away to Kolubara, Aleksandar Lutovac had to leave the field midway through the first half due to an injury. We spoke to 24-year-old winger after the game.

You scored Partizan opener after reacting to rebound from Jojic`s free-kick and kickstarted another team`s convincing performance.

“In general, our aim is to have same intensity and desire in each and every game, being it domestic or Conference League. Each and every game is equally important to us. We have clear aims ahead of us and we do our best to achieve them. As I said many times before, I try to help this team in any given moment and in any kind of way, at any playing position. Jojic took a good free-kick and I love to be alerted to every ball all the way. I`m glad I scored, it means a lot to me and I`m thrilled our team keeps winning”, said Lutovac.

I`d say the goal you scored sparked a lot of emotions?

“Everything that happens around me lately is quite emotional for me. I needed this as I feel I`m in a good moment, football-wise. I think Partizan is one big family and support from everyone meant a lot to me as me and my family are going through tough period. I`m grateful to everyone, my teammates, people from the club, coaching staff, club management and our fans who are giving me constant support. You don`t forget these things”.

What about the injury you sustained midway through the first way?

“We play lots of games and there no much time to rest. We travel a lot and it`s clear you body has to show some fatigue. I hope it`s nothing serious but I felt muscle strain and it`s was the best for me to leave the field. As it stands, recovery should be quick but I`ll know more after more tests”, said Aleksandar Lutovac.

Boss Stanojevic is giving you more playing opportunities lately.

“I`m grateful for every minute spent on the field and I try to justify the trust put in me from players and coaching staff. I love getting more minutes and I`ll do my best to please the boss. We all know how hard it is playing in Partizan shirt”.

We have Santa Clara on Thursday. What do you think about them? Everyone says it will be different encounter in Belgrade.

“It won`t be easy, that`s for sure. They are defined team and it will be harder for us as we are trailing one goal. Moreover, I think they are aware game on Thursday will be so much different. We are all thrilled stands are going to be packed and we cannot wait to get out of the tunnel in front of our home crowd. Our fans showed how much they can be a boost for us and I`m sure we can win and cancel out their one-goal lead from the first leg. From the beginning, our aim was Conference League group stage and that hasn`t changed”, said Lutovac.

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