Moving from Crvena Zvezda to Partizan and vice-versa always causes a bit of a stir, even if player moving is just 18-years-old. Such is the case with Radivoj Bosic who moved from Crvena Zvezda youths to Partizan and joined senior team winter preps in Belek straight away.

– I spent five years at Crvena Zvezda but an opportunity to move to Partizan came about and everyone who`s growing up with me knows i`m a Partizan fan. When the offer was there, I accepted it but I consulted with my family first, says Bosic.

How did Crvena Zvezda react to your move?

– It was pressuring but It`s on me to play football not to think about things off the pitch. It wasn`t easy for Crvena Zvezda to accept that someone who spent five years with the club ends up in Partizan.

Such move is always big news.

– I can prove that i`m Partizan fan, I have photos with Partizan scarf and cap. As a professional, you have to control your emotions and it happens I signed for Crvena Zvezda first but I`m here now.

Bosic would be delighted to make his debut in his first season with the club, including Eternal derby appearance.

– Every player dreams to be part of biggest football game around. I`d love to play Eternal derby but the truth is I didn`t engage in early winter preps to start with.

He picked shirt number 45.

– That`s because of Aleksandar Mitrovic who had this number while in Partizan. I really think high of him.

Bosic is not scared of new challenge.

– If I was scared I would not make this decision. There were no personal threats just a bit of it on social network. It all about pitch performance but I don`t want to talk about it so early. Crucial for my move was that I`m a lifelong Partizan fan.

Do you expect to get more playing time here?

– Well, Partizan management had faith in me and I`m now part of winter preps. It`s on Partizan boss to make decisions and I need to fight, to give my best. I have good pace, technical and ball control skills. It`s on me to get the opportunity to play.

One of Bosic`s best mates is Partizan youngster Strahinja Pavlovic.

– I know him for a long time. I was greeted well and they all know I was hanging around with them while I was in Crvena Zvezda. I`m roommate with Armin Djerlek while Svetozar Markovic and Zlatan Sehovic also helped me adapt. I`m good friends with all of them since we played together in Serbian youths.

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