Partizan won Proleter 3-0 with opener from Nikolic and brace from Ricardo.

We spoke to weekend`s goalscorers after the game:

– In their debut SSL season, Proleter showed they are respectful side and that`s how we approached this game. We knew they play better away, their forwards are good and we took notice of everything getting ready for this meeting. Our win is result of thorough pre-match analysis and pitch work. It could have been even more convincing at the end, said Nikolic.

Goal-wise, it was all about you and Ricardo.

– Yes, we did it again and we are so pleased with it. We look and play as a team and it`s clear what our aim is – to score and to win. I hope we`ll keep this continuity, bring more wins and good performances to the joy of black-and-white family. We scored early enough followed by a sending-off for Proleter player but we received too many cautions as well. I think they deserved this red card as Ricardo beat his marker and had clear sight of their net.

Quite a few cautioned Partizan players.

– We achieved one of our aims – none of our players with three yellow cards got cautioned. We have Eternal derby game coming up, the most important match of the season. We need every player now as we are limited due to number of injuries.

Did the red card change the shape of things?

– It boosted us further but I don`t think it would be any different if Proleter didn`t get their player sent-off. I believe we would add a gear in a second half if needed but none of us are pleased.

Do you agree Partizan is showing different kind of performances compared to first part of the season?

– I do. This is completely different Partizan, eager to score goals, to dominate, one that doesn’t gift opponents anything.

It`s big derby game within a week. How do you prepare for it?

– Of course, our thoughts are turned to derby game already. This match itself brings certain tension and pressure. I`ll prepare as I always do, I won`t be thinking about it too much from Monday to Friday. All of us dream of playing such games from the early age but we are not going to help the cause by creating tension. We need to be relaxed, to get out there and enjoy the atmosphere, hopefully win it. We`ll see what will happen on Saturday.

Ricardo Gomes bagged a brace against Proleter.

– Goals aside, we had more opportunities to score. I`m glad I scored two goals and I wanted to top the cake with a third one but I was offside so I missed on hat-trick. It doesn`t matter as long as we win, it`s just about my personal record and satisfaction.

After the winter break, we all said we are not an euphoric team, winning or losing. Our aim is to win every single game until the end of the season and build up the team and our crowd. These performances so far are good introduction to Eternal derby. Once the derby match comes, there`s no rules, anything can happen.

We train and grow as a team for seven months now, we got to know our boss well and he knows all about us now and it all does the job. Nikolic and myself work well together on the pitch, goals keep coming and wins boost us and give us some sort of security.

Talking about big derby, I expect myself and the team to play firm, with character and to win three points, said Ricardo.


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