During Miroslav Djukic`s reign, defender Strahinja Bosnjak  and forward Strahinja Jovanovic were sent out on six-month loan to Zemun and Proleter Novi Sad respectively. Partizan academy graduates are back home now and part of club`s winter pre-season.

I found it hard when I learned I was going out on loan, says 19-year-old Bosnjak.

− I was down for a bit as I thought that was not the right solution for me. But, after giving it a thought I realized it was going to be a step forward, it was going to help me learn my trade more and help me advance as I would get more chance to play.

How was it in Zemun on loan?

– I made 8 appearances, some as a starter. It was hard as I had competition in a shape of former Partizan Trajkovic but I learned a lot from him and others in the club. Former Partizan player Nemanja Tomic was also there so we had lot of chat topics together. I`m thankful to all Zemun players for being there for me when I needed it. I`d like to thank FK Zemun overall.

Now you are back at Partizan.

– After six months spent in Zemun I was I am going back to Partizan and my heart raced. Partizan is my home club and I can only be full of joy when I hear such news. I didn`t know coach Mirkovic in person, only as a top-notch former player. First meeting with him was positive and I hope I left good impression too. There are some new players around but most of the players were here before I left and they took me on as if I never left the club.

What changed for you over the loan period?

– I learned a lot, tried to be better and more successful with each new day, wanted to play as much as possible. Sometimes, it`s not up to you, it`s up to people from the club, up to gaffer`s idea and vision. It`s on me to adapt, play and be at my best at all times.


– Considering I only played two games under Miroslav Djukic, I agreed with club management to go out on loan. I played 11 games at Proleter scoring one goal and I gained certain experience there. I`m back at Partizan now, under new coach Mirkovic and I`m gaining new experience. I`ll do my best to get playing time. I can see Mirkovic and his coaching team are big professionals, devoted to each training session. I like that a lot, says 19-year-old Jovanovic.

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