Partizan summer signing Ricardo Gomes scored a goal on his official Partizan debut and put the cherry on the cake in a team`s 3-0 win away to Rudar Pljevlja in the opening European game of the season.

Last season`s Portuguese second-tier top scorer spoke to Partizan website after the match:

– I`m overwhelmed as I scored my first goal in the opening game of the season, a game of great importance for all of us. I also hope this was the sign of things to come – my fine performances in the future, Ricardo said.

You moved to Belgrade a month ago. How do you like the city so far? Obviously,due to preps away in Slovenia you were not around that much.

– No, I didn`t have much time to go signtseeing due to tough schedule but I did a lot internet research. I visited few spots I did like but i`m waiting for my family to arrive to see more.

You struck a friendship with your new teammate Djordje Ivanovic. What language two of you use when you have a chat?

– Ivanovic is great lad, I nicknamed him Hulk as he is quite strong physically. We speak in English and although we don`t speak it quite well we understand each other perfectly. I don`t speak Serbian, Ivanovic doesn`t speak Portuguese but there`s always a banter when we are not training in the camp. We have our own language, so to speak.

Forward Leandre Tawamba departed for Saudi Arabia. You probably heard about fan`s chant made for him during his Partizan days.

– Everyone enjoys being recognized and fan`s support comes as a reward for all your efforts on the pitch. Such things motivate me even more to do my best and I hope I`ll be able to boast about things like that.

Did you try Serbian cuisine?

– Just a bit. We were in Slovenia for a pre-season, now in Montenegro for a first game of the season and we have tough nutrition regime. There`s plenty of time to try new things out.

You picked up a small injury in Slovenia and you said it`s tough training with Partizan.

– Training system is different in each country and in Partizan we work a lot and fitness and there`s in depth analysis of everything. It different compared to Portugal but I`m getting used to it and it`s not a problem for me.

You are still waiting for your family to move here.

– They`ll be here in a couple of days. My wife is particularly eager to move here.

Your message to Partizan fans?

– I`m eagerly awaiting to feel atmosphere at our home ground, something that everyone around is talking about. I hope they`ll always be there for us as their energy can help us achieve everything we want. Personally, as a forward, I`ll play to the top of my abilities.

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